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Amplifiers, subs, enclosures and such.


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Reply sparky3489
6:42 PM on April 14, 2014 
Juan says...
How do I install 2 ohm sub?...

Can you provide a model number of the sub so I know a bit more about it?
Reply Juan
5:34 AM on April 14, 2014 
How do I install 2 ohm sub? I don't have an amp yet Cuz Idk what kinda buy :/ can u help me Pls..
Thank you :)
Reply Jake
10:53 PM on April 5, 2014 
sparky3489 says...
I loved my '07 Civic. Got a '11 now!

First, add up all of the fuse ratings on all amps and let me know the result.

Second, what size engine do you have?

I got a civic 08 1.8 the alternator is stock the lights is dimming right the way so I have to change the alternator Cuz mine doesn't handle the power, which kind should I get?
Reply sparky3489
6:36 PM on April 4, 2014 
Jake says...
I heard u are the best in this kinda thing....

I loved my '07 Civic. Got a '11 now!

First, add up all of the fuse ratings on all amps and let me know the result.

Second, what size engine do you have?
Reply Jake
4:58 PM on April 4, 2014 
I heard u are the best in this kinda thing I was wondering if you could help me in something.. I have a honda civic 08 and a system already installed on it that is approximately 8000 [email protected] total
2 xs3400 battery in the back for the amps the "big3"changed already but... The thing is the alternator.. How many amp does my alternator have to be to supply that kinda of power? I can't find any answer maybe u can help me in that one thank you so much..
Reply Sonic Electronix, Inc.
8:11 PM on April 3, 2014 
Great site!

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Reply Dave
12:29 PM on April 2, 2014 
The subs are 2 ohms DVC so ain't so lucky? :(
Reply sparky3489
8:07 PM on March 31, 2014 
Dav says...
So I got 2 subs DVC 1200rms each and a mono block amp 1 2 n 4 ohm stable 2100 rms @1 ohm what is the best set up for it? Do I need a farad or a second battery? Thanks

What ohms are the subs?

If they are 4 ohm DVC, you're in luck. Wire the subs like this -

This will allow each sub to get 1050 WRMS. Be sure to adjust the gain (level) on the amp correctly. You can use my guide here -

If the subs ARE NOT 4 ohm DVC, I'll need to know what they are to configure the best way to wire them.

In any case, you will need to upgrade the electrical system. This can be done in stages depending on which stage cures the problem of dimming headlights (in some cases, the electrical system is sufficient to easily run such a system as it may already include a beefy alternator). If you experience headlight dimming at heavy use, start with (1.) below.

1. Upgrade the "Big 3" - that is to replace the power wire between the battery and alternator, the ground from the battery to the chassis and the ground strap from the engine/tranny to the chassis with 1 AWG sized wire. Be sure to keep the stock wires to put back if you sell the vehicle.

2. Upgrade to a deep cycle battery like a yellow top or kinetik battery

3. Upgrade the alternator to a high output alternator